Why I am running

I was raised in a household where politics and government were most often the topic of dinner conversation. My father was on the local Democratic Committee and I came of age going to picnics and Boy Scout meetings at the local Democratic club. My father instilled in me that the measure of good government was its ability to care for its citizens.That has been my belief all my life and I intend to take those ideals to Montpelier and serve the people of my district.

When I first moved to Vermont in 1973, I remember being impressed by the access citizens had to their local representatives; I thought that was a great thing. At my first town meeting I was elected to the office of Lister. I felt that it was not only a privilege to serve the people of my town, but it was my duty to serve the small town government in which I live. It’s been 41 years and I still hold that position. From that first town office election I have been interested in getting involved in State Government. I now have the time, the motivation and a deep desire to represent the people of my district. I have over 30 years of experience in the Vermont Judicial system: listening, negotiatng and advocacy are all skills that I will be able to take to Montpelier to do the peoples’ business.  

In 2001, I earned the title of Mountaineer by summiting the fourth highest peak in North America: Pico De Orizaba in Mexico. I trained for over a year to be able to stand on the summit of the 18,500 foot peak on December 15, 2001. The training bible for mountaineers is “Mountaineering Freedom of the Hills. That manual, along with many hours of training on Mount Washington in winter conditions, taught me that persistence and perseverance will prevail over all adversity. That is also a trait that will serve me well as your State Representative. I can do the job, I am ready to go to Montpelier to work hard to serve the citizens of Hardwick, Walden and Stannard. Vote for Joseph “Chip” Troiano on election day in November. Want to help? Contact Chip Troiano for House on this page or send contributions made payable to Chip Troiano for House to 307 Wolcott St. Hardwick Vt. 05843, Karen Coulburn, Treasurer.