Testimonials supporting Chip

Chip sponsored a resolution honoring our 2016 Hazen boys championship basketball team and hosted the team and coaches at the State House, where they were recognized by the House of Representatives. Thanks for all your effort, Chip.

JOHN SPERRY, Hazen Union athletic director, East Hardwick

We’re fortunate to have Chip as our representative. I con- tacted him with my thoughts on legalizing marijuana and was impressed by how quickly he got back to me and kept me informed.

JERRY HALL, retired Town Clerk & businessman, Hardwick

I’m proud to have Chip Troiano representing me.
He is energetic, easy to talk with, and a commonsense legislator willing to reach across party lines. Chip went to bat for Walden taxpayers. We should reelect him.

JON AUGERI, Selectboard member, Walden

I support Chip’s reelection. He’s responded quickly and knowledgeably to my emails and attended school board meetings to keep us informed. He cares about our students and taxpayers.